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Injured by a drunk driver in Massachusetts? Here's what to do

Motor vehicle accidents can be incredibly frustrating, and when a drunk driver is involved the frustration and anger only intensifies through their senseless action.

A massive injustice has been inflicted upon you, and you may even be suffering from a family member's death or life-changing injuries. You deserve to hold the drunk driver accountable. 

Here are considerations to think about and steps you can take to fully get your justice and your health back. 

                                             Consequences of drunk drivers

Under Massachusetts law, for someone to be considered a drunk driver they need to be operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A driver over 21 faces charges at a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08% or higher. If a driver is under 21, they face charges with any noticeable alcohol in their system. 

On the first drunk driving offense penalties arise, including up to 2.5 years in jail for serious bodily injury, mandatory alcohol treatment, fines ranging from $500-$5000, and a one year license suspension. 

Any offenses after that include more serious penalties like extended jail time and larger fines. 

On top of all of that, they can be sued for their negligence and damages that they have brought onto you. 

So, let’s quickly get into the steps you can take to hold the drunk driver accountable and to maximize your compensation. 

                            Why you shouldn’t rush the claims process

You may be heated, under stress or severely injured and you want to really get back at the drunk driver by filing a claim right away. Who wouldn’t want to?

However, this would not be the best move for you to take. 

 If the person who caused your accident is arrested for DUI, then there are pending criminal charges. You want to wait for them to be convicted of DUI, which would strongly improve your civil damages case. If convicted, the judge could grant enhanced damages to you and other victims. Holding off on your injury claim until the criminal proceedings conclude can maximize your compensation, as long as you keep the statute of limitations in mind. 

In addition, drunk drivers often lose sense of judgment, speed, or fall asleep behind the wheel resulting in big trouble. If you are suffering from a death, or a severe and catastrophic injury, you want to hire a lawyer so you can focus on your recovery. Getting your medical needs fully taken care of is imperative for your journey to recovery and for a successful settlement. We factor in all medical costs, medical bills, and physical therapy in your case. We will seek full coverage through insurance for any pain and sufferings and lost earnings. Medical treatment over a long term as needed will undoubtedly increase your compensation. 

With all that being said, if you are very focused on maximizing your compensation, fully recovering, and holding the drunk driver accountable then you should contact experienced and reputable Massachusetts attorneys today. 

 We recommend you contact by filling out a brief form to get a FREE assessment on your car accident case and get practical legal advice as well. 

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